New Dining Spot at Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis Downtown

August 24, 2018

New Dining Spot at Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis Downtown

BY RHEA TORREON FOR ANNAPOLIS DISCOVERED (August 24, 2018)  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of stopping by one of Annapolis’ newest additions to the food scene, the Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis Downtown's Kitchen on West St. Upon arriving I was welcomed by Lindsay Kahler, Sales Manager, and a lobby that was the spirit of Annapolis itself. The decor reflects the pride and joy of our sailing community with nautical elements throughout. A little further in Lindsay pointed out a beautiful art wall that features iconic photographs and paintings from around the city. “We’re in the Arts District and very proud of our art wall,” she explained.

As we approached the bar of the Kitchen, Joy Wemmer, Director of Sales, joined us and provided some background about their restaurant. She explained that this particular Hilton Garden Inn concept was very unique and personalized to Annapolis because everything’s made to order as opposed to other Hilton Garden Inns that have more of a cookie cutter American grill experience with a buffet. Their Executive, Chef Dee Dee, had prepared for me two of their best breakfast dishes: The Helm and The French Connection. ... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ON ANNAPOLIS DISCOVERED. 

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